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Cozy Igloo Tent with Insulated Cotton Layer

When you are camping outdoors, the most relevant to your comfort is the temperature change. Many scenic spots are very cold. Therefore, to ensure the comfortable lodging experience during the camp, Shelter Dome has an insulation system to withstand the frigid elements.

The geo dome is equipped with insulated cotton layer to balance the room temperature; at the same time, a fireplace can be placed in the igloo dome, and we can open holes on the dome cover in order to connect the chimney. snow-winter-dome-igloo-tent-with-insulation-system-and-full-utilities snow-winter-dome-igloo-tent-with-insulation-system-and-full-utilities In addition, with different types of floorings to provide a cozy and pleasing lodging experience, you can DIY different carpets which is not only able to decorate the interior, but also keep warm inside.
During the day, sunlight can be directly injected into the dome through the bay window, increasing comfort while also increasing closeness with nature.

The Igloo Tent with Durable Framework

Shelter dome has strong wind resistance (max windload can be up to 100 km/h) and snow resistance (0.5 kn/sqm). Thanks to its geodesic structure, the force is distributed evenly on the cover of the sphere dome, and the dome is composed of small triangular units. As we all know, the triangle is the most stable structure in all structures.

Our frame is made of steel pipe Q235, which is durable, firm and stainless. The cover is made of waterproof and UV-resistant double coated blockout PVC fabric (850g/sqm) as well as transparant PVC fabric (950g/sqm). So you can safely live in a warm dome and enjoy the beautiful snow view outside. snow-winter-dome-igloo-tent-with-insulation-system-and-full-utilities

Easy to Install An Igloo Tent on Any Terrain

The portable dome tent is very easy to build. It takes only 2 people to build a 6 meters dome in 1-2 hours. Even on snowy mountains, or on snow-covered plains, the igloo tent can go anywhere on this planet to create winter landscape.

Similarly, it can be built on beaches, grasslands and desert campsite, and it only needs a small amount of excavation works which does not change the natural landscape. snow-winter-dome-igloo-tent-with-insulation-system-and-full-utilities

Can Be Equipped With All Necessary Utilities

Water / Electricity / Heating;
Fireplace/ Air conditioning;
Partition wall / Wooden floor;
Insulated cotton layer / Flush toilet;