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Popular Domes Tens in Jordan Desert Campsite

On one desert campsite in Jordan, Shelter Dome provide our clients 6 assembled domes tents.


This kind of group is not only functional but also beautiful. After a tiring journey,  campers can gain a cozy living experience in the glamping dome with full facilities. They can get a good meal, have a comfortable rest, and prepare to glut their eyes. It is a nice experience for the campers.

The Advantages of Domes Tents

Sufficient Food Supply in Catering Dome

As a canteen, the dia.20m restaurant dome is spacial enough. Clients can set desks, chairs and other items. It can be divided into different areas, such as eating area, coffee corner, viewing area and so on. Due to its spherical structure, the inside space can be perfectly 100% utilized.


The Features of Windproof and Fire-retardant

The dome is fire retardant(European standard:DIN4102, B1, M2; American standard:NFPA101). And it also has strong windproof capacity. The windload can be up to 100km/h. These features ensure security when setting up a campsite. The clients can also use it for event venue, catering dome, wedding and many other activities. Besides, our fabric cover is durable enough to well withstand the huge diurnal temperature difference, therefore it is hard to break.


Clear Dome Tent with Panoramic Window

The customer can appreciate the sunrise and sunset scenery inside the dome.  Since the domes use the clear PVC material in front of the dome, that is, panoramic window.  At the same time, privacy can be guaranteed because the curtain is available. Shelter Dome can cut any shape of PVC cover according to your idea. We have advanced CNC cutting -edge production technology which ensures the accuracy of all the drilling and cutting for our domes. That can contribute to a closeness between cover and structure,  more smooth surface, and good drainage.

Security Assurance-Aluminum Door

Shelter Dome use the aluminum door to protect the personal security and property.

Shelter Dome is professional in giving you a custom solution about domes tents, please don’t hesitate to tell us your requirement freely. Our sales department is always waiting for you!