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Shelter Dome's Projects

Look what we have already done with geodesic domes by SHELTER DOME. We give service to global customers with a series of high quality products and perfect service across the world, including US, UK, Australia, South Africa, Romania, Spain, India and more.

If you also need a prefabricated dome, please feel free to send us with your requirements using the Enquiry Form above. Also, you can call us on +86 139 2885 8552 or email us at [email protected] directly for urgent enquiry. We will give you a turnkey solution in return.

Shelter Dome Concept Project

We collected our concept projects and ideas of both standard and non-standard geodesic dome structures: large architectural forms, art installations, custom dome restaurants, functional resort villages and more. These concept designs give you the flexibility to make your project completely bespoke. We’re always here to help you realize your project. Our first-class design team can do it all. To find out more about the SHELTER DOME, contact us today. We will give you a turnkey solution in return.